If there’s one thing that we all love about Destiny is the fact that the game is always ready to bring us a lot of fun and exciting moments. And while the beginning of the game is very spectacular, the gameplay is getting better and better, which is a very good thing for all of us. While there could have been a little more content, the beta does show that the campaign is set to make the storytelling more cohesive.


And the end of that beginning act will make you crave for more, which is always a good thing. Destiny 2’s beta shows that the game doesn’t want to fix stuff that worked great in the first title. The Inverted Spire Strike is, however, a great addition and it does spruce up the game quite a bit. Making strikes closer to how raids look like does seem that you do have some new challenges to explore. Moreover, Destiny 2 is set to improve quite a lot on the D1 reliance on those shootouts that were mostly wave based.

The boss battles such as the one against the Protheon in the beta seem to be a bit more elaborate. There is plenty of strategy and fun to be had in here, but at the same time the battles are more complex, which is pretty cool.

The auto rifles and the hand cannons seem to be more destructive, and things like the fusion Rifles and the sniper rifles are a part of the power weapon class.




The Crucible also had to deal with some changes. In the Destiny 2 beta, the focus is on some smaller and intimate matches instead of the larger ones. This change basically makes the game more suitable for teams instead of just going out on your own as you try to kill other people. The control is very similar to the original, but the focus on the tighter maps and the lower amount of life quality upgrades does up the ante.

Each one of the team points is already captured, so you can focus on the shooting instead of thinking about the points near you. Plus, there is no need to neutralize the points now, which is actually a nice thing to have and which works very well to be honest. The power ammo spawns pretty fast now, which is good.

Also, a single guardian is enough for a point, there is no need for many of them now. Also, if you get shot while reviving, the revive timer will be reset, so you have to think whether you get to revise that person or not.

Destiny 2’s Beta also removed the team names, now you just see your team. Also, the sniper rifles are de-emphasized and the callouts and built in and they can be found under the radar.

Overall, the Destiny 2 beta was a rather delightful experience and it managed to bring us a quick insight into the type of game that we can expect to see in just a month or so. While there were some rough edges, the beta does seem to show that the game is on the right path!

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